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Neurosurgery at Prudence Hospitals
Neurosurgery at Prudence Hospitals caters to all routine and trauma cases related to brain & spine with experienced neurosurgeons at the patient’s disposal on ground duty round the clock. The department is adequately equipped with a high resolution operating microscope, a high speed drill, stereotaxy and other tools to manage all the surgical procedures
epilepsy, mental trauma through an integrated team of some of the most skill – handed neurologists, neurosurgeons, Neuro – anesthetists and Neuro – physicians along with rehabilitation specialists, the patients at Prudence experience shorter hospital stay, affordable treatment and negligible pain & discomfort during the surgical procedures.

Brain Surgeries:
Tumor (including those of base of skull)
Neuro – endoscopy
Vascular surgeries (aneurysms, AVMS, bypass, CEA, etc.)
Shunt surgeries
Epilepsy surgeries Pediatric brain surgery
Spine Surgeries:
Spinal fusion
Scoliosis correction & spinal deformities
Micro – Lumbar discectomy
Percutaneous fixation & discectomy
Disc replacement
Endoscopic surgeries

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Prudence Hospitals emergency/trauma care team is distinguished by its training, expert coordination, and 24-hours availability of specialized surgeons, specialists, such as Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Pediatrics and Radiology are readily available 24/7.

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  • H.no 1-12-121/A, opp. yandala towers,
    Pragathi Nagar, Nizamabad, Telangana 503002
  • admin@prudencehospitals.com
  • +91 90939 66666

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